Friday, May 12, 2006


Steve Smith, Member of Dirty Vegas: "It's having an effect on us as a new band. If you stop buying the CDs in the shops, then we don’t get to make the music. We're lucky, we got a chance. We're only just starting out and when we were doing our album, we were thinking about what would make people want to go out and buy our album. We took a lot of care to make a decision on what artwork to have on the CD so that you'd want to read the booklet instead of having a tape that someone's written Dirty Vegas on the front of. So if you are a real fan, then buy it."

Never heard of you. If you were any good you'd sell 100,000 copies and some lousy downloads wouldn't matter. Fuck you. ASSHOLE.

Mark Knopfler, Member of Dire Straits: "You might as well walk into a record store, put the CD's in your pocket and walk out without paying for them."

WE DO. Ever hear of a little thing called a "sensor tag?" Get two people. One opens the door at the record store. The other waits till nobody is looking and flips the CD through about 20 feet. By the time the tag goes off, the CD is in my pocket and I'm gone, and my friend walks out the door like nothing happened. Also you can break apart the CD jewel box and just steal the CD. Not that we'd risk it on your junk. It's always the Grandpas and Grandmas telling us it's wrong. Not the White Stripes and Black Eyed Peas you pinhead ASSHOLE.

So sez Belle an Thaimaister


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