Friday, May 12, 2006


Scott Stapp, Frontman and Songwriter for Creed: "Everyone I know is excited about all the possibilities the Internet has to offer. As a musician, the Internet has made it possible for me to share my music with people that could have never been reached by conventional methods. When my music is given away it is stealing. I have decided to sell my music to anyone who wants it, that is how I feed my family, just like a doctor, lawyer, judge, or teacher. Not to insult anyone's intelligence, but my music is like my home. These file sharing services are sneaking in the back door and robbing me blind."

Robbing you blind? Look in the mirror. You can? You ain't blind! Don't insult my intelligence with that blather written for you by the RIAA. 500 bros a day are downloading you free. I don't see you on the breadline. ASSHOLE.

Don Henley: "The bottom line is this; The works of recording artists are being stolen and disseminated over the Internet without fair and just compensation for those artists. This is the way songwriters and singers make their living, and stealing that music and giving it away for free is not right. Then there’s the absurd argument that, ‘Rock stars are wealthy, and therefore, it’s all right to steal from them.’ But the majority of singers and songwriters and recording artists in this business are not wealthy. They’re struggling from hand to mouth, day to day, and they need fair and just compensation for their work. These file sharing services are stealing from the people who create that music."

Hey Don, All I want to do is Dance! You is too serious for THIS bad boy! I really dig the Eagles. Your solo shit, not as much. Take it Easy! ROCK STARS ARE WEALTHY. Do not blow smoke up any ass by denying it. You are what the same age as Dick Cheney and act like it. ASSHOLE.



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