Friday, May 12, 2006


Rivers Rutherford, Co-writer of 2001 billboard's Country Song of the Year: "Illegal internet downloading significantly reduces the income of people who are not making millions from touring, T-shirt sales, etc., but merely trying to make a decent living. Downloading can literally make it impossible for a songwriter to support himself with his craft."

Yeah? Try writing more hit songs, cow-pie kicker. If you spent more time writing and less time whining through your sphincter, you'd have all the money you need. And how much do you need when you live in a trailer and use an empty bottle of Jack for a urinal? ASSHOLE.

Troy Verges, Nashville Songwriters Association International's (NSAI) 2002 Songwriter of the Year: "Go to your job every day next week and work. When payday rolls around, tell the boss you only want half of your check. That's what illegal downloading does to artists, musicians, songwriters and everyone that supports them. It's wrong."

See the above about Rivers Rutherford. I never heard of you. So you mean nothing. Don't tell ME what to tell MY boss and don't tell ME how to handle my business. Troy Verges. Rivers Rutherford. Where do your slut mommies get these first names from? Places they were gang banged? ASSHOLE.

So Sez Skeez


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