Friday, May 12, 2006


Sean (P. Diddy) Combs: "I understand why people download music, but for me and my fellow artists, this is our livelihood. When you make an illegal copy, you're stealing from the artist. It’s that simple. What if you didn’t get paid for your job? Put yourself in our shoes!"

Be a proud black man and stop begging and whining and shucking and jiving. You DO understand why we download. We like shit for free! It will all be free. Crack the code on software. Crack a roofie in the bee-achs drink and take what you want. They won't let you in the door then blow the fuckin door off. The fat man is behind the counter and he cant catch up if you take a sixpack and run. You stole when you wuz a kid right. Change your name to "P. Pull Ah Steelin From Me." ASSHOLE

Vanessa Carlton: "I think it’s great that there are even more avenues today to expose music and new artists. And I’m all for getting a taste of something before you buy it, but when it becomes more than a taste and people begin hoarding the entire work, it becomes piracy."

Call me Blackbeard and give ME a taste of something, Vanessa. Sorry, but I am not hearing you, girlfriend. It ain't gettin' through this hard, hard head of mine. I'm a pirate? You got that right. Wanna say I am stealing? I am stealing. I am robbing from the bee-ach. Google's owners have 20 billion. Because Internet is da bomb. RIAA can't afford to stop us. ASSHOLE!

So sez Bro Bobby


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