Friday, May 12, 2006


Missy Elliott: "We appreciate it when our fans show their love and respect by going in that record store and buying the finished product."

Bee-atch, an mp3 file IS a finished product. I take it off P2P not iTunes. What up with that? You need that extra dime if I get it on iTunes? You need a dime so bad then turn tricks, ho. ASSHOLE.

Musiq, Platinum Award Winning Urban Music Artist: "I think that people do need to be educated on the seriousness of music piracy because it cuts into hard working people’s money, especially the artists—people like me. Right now you’ve got people thinking, 'What...I’m only just doing this, I’m only just doing that.' But, you’re only just doing this and this person is only just doing that, and it’s chipping away and it’s chipping away and chipping away. And, you don’t see it, but it’s a serious thing."

You bet I don't see it. What up with that shit you say. We chipping away? Like when they said we chipping away at the ozone layer. Now nobody says it. Because it was a lie. Make up lies to save yo ass right? We don't take shit from you or the RIAA. Just saying RIAA makes me taste shit on my tongue. ASSHOLE.



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