Friday, May 12, 2006


Eminem: "I'm sorry; when I worked 9 to 5, I expected to get a paycheck every week. It's the same with music; I work hard and anybody can just throw a computer up and download my music for free. It could kill the whole purpose of making music. It's not just about the money…It's the thrill of going to the store; you can't wait till that artist's release date, taking the wrapper off the CD and putting the CD in to see what it sounds like. I've seen those little sissies on TV, talking about how 'The working people should just get music for free,' I've been a working person. I never could afford a computer, but I always bought and supported the artists that I liked."

The working people should just get music FREE.! You in bed with RIAA? Guess You can't spell RIAA without M and M. Go re-marry your wife a few more times you little dick. You have got SOFT. ASSHOLE

Elton John: "The bottom line must always be respect and compensation for creative work. I am against Internet piracy and it is wrong for to promote stealing from artists online."

Those two lines didn't rhyme. You really have sucked for the last ten years, and I don't just mean dick. Who downloads your shit? Nobody. You are not Pete Doherty fat boy. ASSHOLE

So sez Def-Don


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