Friday, May 12, 2006


Deborah Harry, Lead Singer of Blondie: "Artists should be compensated for the work that they do."

I once jerked off to you, so I'll let that lame remark lie, Deb. ASSHOLE.

Lamont Dozier, Legendary Songwriter, including "Stop! In The Name Of Love": "I am grateful to the RIAA for understanding and supporting the needs of the songwriters and artists. The business as we have known it has changed with these various piracy technologies that are taking over the world. I personally have seen my income drastically reduced, and it is frightening to experience. I salute the RIAA in its endeavors to make a difference where it is truly needed. Thank you."

Uncle Ben, you are a credit to your rice. You're just mad that Diana Ross buys more expensive dresses for herself than you can for yourself. Come and get me! I am someplace real small and hard to find. Besides, they don't let guys like you through the metal protector at the airport. ASSHOLE. PS, those old Four Tops songs you wrote rule!

So sez GUEST


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