Friday, May 12, 2006


Brian Wilson: "When I decide not to release a piece of MY WORK, there is always a good reason for it. I created it, I should have the final say on whether it should be released or not. The other, of course, is obvious. It's the financial issue. The bottom line is the fan who is saying, "Oh man you're the greatest," is in reality stealing from you and your family..."

What medication are you on today, buddy? Face it, I'm one of the MANY fans who loves Beach Boys music and laughs at what a braindead douchebag you now are. Are these quotes from you or a shrink or rehab doctor hired by the RIAA. ASSHOLE.

Glen Ballard, Award-Winning Songwriter/Producer; including Alanis Morrisette’s "Jagged Little Pill," Dave Matthews Band’s "Everyday": "Piracy is an insidious act performed in an almost offhanded way by people who would never consider stealing anything else. Few people involved in the act of downloading music illegally would walk into a retail store and steal a CD of the same music, or take a CD player or computer to reproduce the music. It’s highly likely that you would be caught and arrested, and it’s also obvious that taking something without paying for it is a fundamentally unfair act. But as everyone knows, you can steal from the Internet without the fear of being caught. But the fundamental unfairness remains."

I'm lyin' if I'm cryin' Glen. Hey that's pretty good! Use it in a song and gimme a co-credit. ASSHOLE.

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